Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moroso Silver Lake Sofa

I'm in love. Patricia Urquiola's new 'Silver Lake' range, created for the Italian seating specialists Moroso, displays a unique geometric interplay between solids and voids. The 'Silver Lake' range was inspired by the modern influences coming out of California in the 1950's which is visible with the combination of fabric, steel and wood. Not short of beautiful work, Patricia has delivered her creations for companies such as B&B Italia, Kartell, De Vecchi, and Bosa to name a few.

Another from the Moroso store, the Wood chair created by the design group Front. With the flowing beads over the sides, Wood chair was designed to combine a harminous, cheerful, rounded whole in which both the structure and the form of the chair are cosy and comfortable.

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