Monday, June 14, 2010

New music to flood my ears this week.

Mr Holmes introduced myself to his friends band Jinja Safari a few moments ago and I'm hooked. Playing alongside acts like Miami Horror, Cloud Control and The Temper Trap the future for these young men is looking bright.

Cameron Knight AKA: Pepa AKA: One half of Jinja Safari also has his own solo project. With inspiration from
Sigur Rós and Peter Gabriel, these ambient and fresh songs second how successful these musicians will become in the next few years.

The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (GOASTT) are a melodic folk boyfriend/girlfriend duo fresh out of Manhattan. Forming as a joke, GOASTT members Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl are two very creative individuals. Their weird/soft music is perfect after a long day at work.

Total Life Forever is Foals latest album. This album is sensational. I feel captivated by so many of their songs, but more so by Black Gold and Spanish Sahara.
For endless hours since I've come into contact with this album I have been entranced by the beautiful lyrics and amazing sounds of Foals. I rate this album as one of my favourites. Thank you again Mr Holmes for the recommendation.

"Now that spring is finally here
In your hollow heart, in your hollow heart
Drive through the forest and into the night
Away from the city, away from the light"- Black Gold, Foals.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kevin Kramp

Kevin Kramp is by far my favourite fashion designer this year. If not ever !

(My friends laughed at me when I wore my grandpa knit as pants. This reminds me of that time)

Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington, London based Ireland born graffiti artist is one of my favourite graffiti/fine art artists over recent years. Throughout his youth, Conor hit the streets with graffiti then went on to acquired his BA in Painting from the Limerick School of Art and Design in Ireland. His work now is a result of both worlds, the indoor silence and the outdoor chaos.

Bowery Piece, New York

Another Galaxy, Another Triumph. Aerosol and oil on canvas, 153cm x 183cm, 2009

The Shadow of a King. April 2009

Jon Goulder

I was lucky enough to be in Perth when Jon Goulder's first solo exhibition 11.12 New Furniture was on display in the FORM gallery a couple of months ago. Jon was the inaugural winner of the Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award, has been winner of the Hobart Art Prize and People's Choice Award, and has work collected by the Powerhouse Museum and the Hobart Museum and Art Gallery.

During his time at Canberra Art School, Goulder was greatly influenced by Ian Gutheridge and the late George Ingham, who placed particular emphasis on craft skills within the course. 'George was instrumental in the way I work because of his refinement and his philosophy on how to make things - to appreciate the process as you go rather than rushing to see the finished article and to discover the nature of materials.'

All Jon's pieces are made of the highest quality and are very limited.

My three favourite pieces I dream to be in my house are:

'Form Wall Shelf'
'L D Desk'

'Leda Seat'

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moroso Silver Lake Sofa

I'm in love. Patricia Urquiola's new 'Silver Lake' range, created for the Italian seating specialists Moroso, displays a unique geometric interplay between solids and voids. The 'Silver Lake' range was inspired by the modern influences coming out of California in the 1950's which is visible with the combination of fabric, steel and wood. Not short of beautiful work, Patricia has delivered her creations for companies such as B&B Italia, Kartell, De Vecchi, and Bosa to name a few.

Another from the Moroso store, the Wood chair created by the design group Front. With the flowing beads over the sides, Wood chair was designed to combine a harminous, cheerful, rounded whole in which both the structure and the form of the chair are cosy and comfortable.